p4est 2020 HCM Summer School: Wednesday

We are organizing a p4est summer school sponsored by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics at the University of Bonn, Germany. Please see also the school's home page and application forms.

Slot 31: p4est and PETSc, part II

Tobin Isaac (co-organizer, speaker)

Slot 32: ForestClaw : Programming paradigms

Donna Calhoun (speaker)

In this lecture, I will describe the basic programming paradigms used in ForestClaw. These include the use of iterators, call-backs, virtual function tables and encapsulated library functions. This paradigm makes it possible for users to design their own library extensions, or customize existing solver and patch libraries (slides).

Slot 33: p4est algorithms (video)

Carsten Burstedde (local chair, organizer, speaker)

This lecture will cover the main high-level algorithms exposed by p4est, the ideas and concepts behind them, and their recommended use. We will discuss mesh modification such as refinement and partition, as well as more general computational geometry functionality such as searching for remote objects. in addition, we will cover helper functionality for exchanging ghost data and for repartitioning application data after mesh updates. Altogether, these algorithms are all that's needed to build a scalable dynamic adaptive numerical simulation on top of p4est.